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Sheetal and Rita

Here is my story… we were having a common receptionist for ten offices. I mean we have a common phone lines for all the offices. There were two receptionists. One was Rita and other was Sheetal. Sheetal was not married but at the same time she was not attractive. Sheetal had a crush on me but was always afraid to talk to me. While Rita was a bit frank and she use to talk to me a lot.

One day Rita asked me whether I was interested in Sheetal. I told her I was busy and will talk to her later. After one hour Rita called me again and asked me the same question. I told no I am not interested in Sheetal and hang the phone. For almost five to six days there was no communication. The one day Rita called me and told she want to visit some temple and if I could accompany her. I told her ok and we went to that temple.

We did pray for a while and sat on the bench in the corner for a while and Rita started the same conversation of doing friendship with Sheetal on that I refused her again and I told her not to talk further in this case and then I came to know that she also had a crush on me. She proposed me for my friendship and for that I told her I will be her friend but she wants more than a friend.

So one day she called me on Sunday and told me to come and meet her at some restaurant. We meet there. She was wearing burgundy color sari with matching blouse and she was looking very sexy. We had some snacks and then she enquires about my plan for today and I told her I will be going to club and spent my Sunday over there. She told me that she also want to join me I don’t mind. I happily agreed and we proceed to the club. Unfortunately so maintenance work was going on so they were closed. But I was regular customer so they let me in.

Billiards room was ok and no renovation was going on there. I proceed to the billiard room and there we were alone I wanted to kiss her but was afraid to take first step. She did not know how to play billiards. She wanted to learn billiards so I told her I will teach you. I caught hold of her from behind and my dick was touching her ass cheeks and we bend and took the shot and there I could smell the lady fragrance. I was in heaven I could not concentrate on my game and again we took another shot and deliberately gave her a light kiss on her neck. She turned towards me and hugged me. I was in heaven with the touch of her boobs to my chest.

Then I went out of billiards room and gave one of the waiters 50 Rs. And told him no one will disturb them and no one should knock the door for 2 hours. I locked the door and came near Rita and caught hold her and started kissing her like anything I almost ate all her lipstick and she was moaning slowly and sexily. We kissed there for almost 10 minutes and then I took of her sari and there she was standing in her bra and petticoat. She was looking beautiful and sexy. I caught hold of her boobs and started squeezing her like an animal with both my hands. I opened her blouse and bra. I started sucking her boobs like anything.

Mean time she was playing with dick which 7 inch long and standing in right angle. She removed my pants and underwear and stated sucking the cock and I was squeezing her boobs. Her boobs turned red and she was crying in pain as well in pleasure as her boobs were turning red. Initially she was not sucking my cock deeply in her mouth I caught hold her hairs and pushed her and the she started it vigorously. I was in heaven soon I was going to cum I didn’t told her and I came in her mouth. She has never tasted a cum before she did it for the first time and she loved it. Now it was my turn I made her sit on the floor and took off her petticoat and panty started playing with her pussy. Her pussy was tight.

As her husband was not much interested in sex. She told me they use to have sex once in a month. I started inserting my one finger and slowly other finger. She was in real pleasure and was moaning “Ohh yeah ahhh” please do it more I love you I am yours forever please do more I increased my pace and in no time she got her first orgasm. She was happy by my act and she was kissing me and hugging me like a horny whore. The again she caught my cock in her hand and started doing up and down for almost 10 minutes and my cock got its length and the she started sucking it. Then put my cock near her pussy and started to tease her with only touching my tip to her tip.

She was now begging me to put it in her hole. Then I wasted no time and started to push my cock inside her pussy slowly and then in one hard push inserted my whole cock in her pussy and she cried in pain and told me to take it out as it was paining very much. I didn’t listen to her and started pumping slowly and she was crying in pain and within 40 to 50 seconds she started enjoying it and was also moving in rhythm. After 10 minutes I was going to come I asked her I am going to come and she told me not to stop and go on in her pussy as she was in safe period. I was happy to hear this and I started to cum in her pussy it was a huge amount of load I was Cumming. I had never experienced such cum in my life.

We laid there for almost 10 to 15 minutes and then we dressed and came out had a cold drinks and left the club. From this day she became my unofficial wife and we did it for so many time.

******************** End of story***********************

Sarmista and me

I landed at 8pm. After clearing security and custom when I came to arrival lobby, I saw Sarmista with her dark, tall and handsome Boy Friend. They looked nice together. Sarmista looked much better and beautiful then in Nepal. Her slim body, fair complexion, shoulder-length saggy colored hair was in perfect match with her blue top and cream quarter pants.Her breast looked perfectly round and her ass little bulky giving impression she was build fuck ready. The moment I saw her boyfriend I knew he was gym junkie; with big arms and broad chest. He was about 5'11” slightly taller then me. He looked like Lebanese or Middle East. He was wearing faded jeans and white T-shirt.

I was feeling hot and exhausted. When I left Nepal we were in the middle of winter and now Australia was in the middle of summer. When I Saw Sarmista in the lobby I couldn't hold myself so I hugged her. She was bit shocked and whispered in my ears "what the hell r u doing?” I didn't thought I had to answer her. I introduced myself to her Boyfriend and he told me his name Yug. His voice was warm and kind.

Yug was driving Mitsubishi 380, red car. It was a luxury car and when you come from Nepal, even 1996 Hyundai feels like BMW. It took us exactly 44 minutes to drive home. They lived in Artarmon, 3 bedroom unit. At home I was greeted by Beautiful girl, whom Yug introduce as his younger sister Yugti. Yugti, looked typical Nepali girl. Sweetest body...creamy skin, a little extra meat on her bones, dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and shapely breasts. Her innocence, cheerful expression and gorgeous eyes were very captivating. She was wearing salwar kameez. When I saw her I was at ease. I felt I saw first Nepali girl in foreign land.

I was delighted to see my room. I was given single bed, a wardrobe and study desk and chair. I took long hot shower then we had typical Nepali dinner. I gave a parcel to Sarmista, her dad sent. We played few CD's I brought and we had general conversation for few hours. It was past midnight when we went to our respective beds. For next few days I was shown and educated on just about every thing. Sarmista opened my bank account, Yug asked me to study RTA manuals and practice web based driving test questions. took my Learners Driving Exam and passed. Yugti took me to City and showed my college. Usually we would go for shopping together in Chatswood shopping center. I never felt happier in my life. I wasn't looking for job as I had no work permit yet. Days passed very quickly and evenings were always interesting. Yug was very funny and Yugti, always in a mood to dance. Sarmista sang very well and I would sit in one corner and clap. "Agar Audience hi na ho to kaun dekhega show?"

We all were students. Yug and Sarmista doing Bachelor in Business, Yugti doing Diploma in Nursing and I was doing Diploma in IT. Yug worked in Woolworth three days a week Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He would start 5 am and finish 12 pm. Sarmista worked in KFC, and Yugti worked in Pizza hut, casual shift, mostly afternoon and evenings. Yug and Yugti thought I and Sarmista were cousins. She was nearly 3 yrs older to me and she loved me dearly. She would make my bed and wash my clothes and dry them. I never gave her my used undies but she always managed to get them, wash them, folded them and placed them neatly on my drawer.

I would always help Sarmista and Yugti and appreciate them when needed. One thing I have learned from my sisters is Girls need to be appreciated and listened to. Don't say anything, don't give any solutions just listen to them and ask questions like, "what happen? what did u do next?, what will u do now? Are you alright? I'm sure you will find solutions.” let them do the talking and appreciate them, compliment them. They will like you for that. Start teaching and lecturing and you loose them, you alienated them.

I joined Gym with Yug. I got Student and referral discount. It was a pretty good deal. We went Gym together and without knowing just in few weeks I looked muscular and well built. I consciously didn't do any weights. It builds muscle but you loose power and speed. I did various exercise and soon I got my first student who wanted to learn Taekwondo. Life was very smooth. I thought nothing could go wrong. Little did I know I was my worst enemy.

One Saturday morning, I was watching news and Sarmista was making breakfast. Yugti had planed to study whole day and complete her assignments. At 8 am, Yugti's mobile rang and she was asked to work. She tried to say no but later she agreed as she needed money and they had no one available. She had to start in one hour. She got ready and ran to train station. Sarmista and I were alone for next 4 hours. I had been in Sydney for 6 weeks and we were never alone like this. I hadn't had sex for 6 months. Now, imagine living with 2 beautiful sex booms, not getting a chance to fuck any of them. Isn't that a torture?

The moment Yugti left, I closed the main door and chained it. Then I went to kitchen and found Sarmista in Laundry. I went in and held her from back. She was shocked and screamed. I laughed and she got really annoyed. I hugged her and kissed her.
She resisted and said, "Adin! Stop, what r u doing, Yugti will see."
"Yugti is gone to work and Yug is not due for next 4 hours at least".
"Still it's wrong, they think high of you and me."
"I'm finding it difficult to hear your moans and his fuck every night. I need you."
"If you don't let me, then I'll fuck Yugti, you know she likes me."

She was confused and I kissed her slowly and passionately. She didn't fight but let me have her. I carried her to their room and slowly undressed her. I kissed my way down her body to her black haired pussy. I began to kiss and lick her already moist slit and Sarmista began to thrash wildly on the bed moaning "aiya......bestarai!" over and over again as I alternately teased her clit and fucked her with my tongue. She came in convulsive groans and her cunt became flooded with juices that I eagerly lapped at. She begged me to come up for air and kissed me with fierce desire as she pulled me back up the bed.

She then had me roll over and turned herself around on the bed in a 69. I felt her tongue began a trip up and down my 6" length with above average girth. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her inviting cunt down on my tongue and proceeded to tongue fuck her. This seemed to spur her to try deep-throating me and I felt her mouth engulf my cock in her warm wetness. As I brought her off again and again she seemed to alternate between loud groans of pleasure and whimpering "Oh...Wow...” and a wanton slurping as she wavered between sucking my knob and my balls.

As she began a rhythmic fucking me with her mouth I felt the cum began to boil in my balls and I warned Sarmi to stop unless she wanted to have to chose between spit or swallow. She sucked my dick and every hair in my body was raised.

She pulled her sopping wet cunt open with one hand while guiding me into her with the other. Her dazed eyes seemed to go wide with surprise as her tight wet cunt was spread wide on my thick dick. She took a moment to revel in the feeling of having me all the way in and she then began a rhythmic grind on my dick as she sat up on me. I grabbed her round tits with erect nipples in each hand and thrust up into her in time with her grind. She began to lean back as she started an up and down fucking that we timed to pull me almost all the way out and then slam us together in an obscene wet sucking noise of my dick in her cunt.

She suddenly pitched forward and covered me with her body as she ground her clit against the base of my dick as she came. She moaned "Oh God your dick feels so good" as I felt hot streams of cunt juice run down my balls and she went still. A few minutes later she climbed off of me and started to turn around on her hands and knees and said "Doggy on the go..". I fucked her harder and faster.

She started to moan, which was music to my ears. We changed three positions and fucked for at least 10 minutes before I ejaculate. I was totally drained and she looked tired. We took a quick shower and made bed. When I checked time it was 9:25 am. We had our breakfast and I went in my room to do assignments and Sarmista went to meet her friend.

It seems to me Sarmista was waiting for me to cross that barrier. After that day, when ever we were alone she would come and kiss me. In the morning when Yug left for work, Sarmista would come and sleep with me for few hours before Yugti was awake. I could hear Yug fucking Sarmista at night and still in the morning she would come to me and I had fuck her even harder. I think she became a virus resistant to all kinds of fuck. I'm not complaining, but man you had to be her to believe me.

As days passed by, I started to notice Yugti was getting more physical to me as well. Every time I was near she would pass through me rubbing her boobs or ass against my body. When no one was around she would make very arousing position, bending down facing her ass to me, or showing her breast.

She would wear short skirts or loose shorts and sit carelessly in front of me showing her undies and white ass. I was very attracted to her and would love to fuck her but Sarmista was keeping me so busy I was running low on sperm. I never made any move because I found it extremely difficult to hide one affair between 4. I couldn't handle two affairs.

One Thursday evening Yugti called me to pick her from work. She was working late and she was afraid to come home alone. I was at home all day and thought evening walk won't do any harm. I went to her work and waited out side. Her friend called Yugti and said, "Your Boy Friend's waiting." She came smiling and all happy. As we were walking home I asked her what it was all about, she said, "Nothing, I told them my BF will pick me up."
"I'm not your BF."
"Not yet. But you will be."
She looked at me and said, "Are you Gay?"
"What...? No, fuck sake, I'm not gay."
"Then.....when you ganna kiss me?"
I thought for a second, "Jezz! Lots of boys want to hit her and she is letting me do, it's a crime to let her down. "
I look at her, smiled and said, "Right here and right now."
I held her tight and kissed like I had never kissed a girl before.
She smile and said, "Oh! Great, you got a lot to learn. Don't even know how to kiss a girl. Huh..."

Between Chatswood and Artarmon, when ever we stopped to cross road we hugged and kissed. She was like a girl with new toy and I had a change of heart. She told me to behave normal and don't touch her, tease her or behaves in anyway Yug and Sarmista might get suspicious. I promised to behave appropriately. Suits me.

That night after midnight Yugti came into my room. I thought it was Sarmista. I let her slide in and held her in my arms. I opened her shirt and held her breast then I realized it was harder and smaller. I opened my eyes and said, " Yugti, You?"
She was shocked, "who were you expecting?"
I was nervous and quickly said, "No.....I thought I was dreaming".
"hum......you dream about girls but don't have enough guts to catch one who is giving all the right signals."
No point talking. I kissed her and fucked her instead. She came prepared with condom.

She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me. She pressed her pussy against my hard dick. "I haven't had a good fuck." She said. I didn't reply. I just lowered my shorts and exposed my prick. She grabbed it and started to massage it. After several euphoric minutes, I removed her hand, lowered her shorts, positioned her on the countertop, and began to eat the sweetest tasting pussy. As she moaned and wriggled on the counter, she removed her shirt. I stared at her firm, small, dark breasts. Periodically, I would reach up and pinch her erect nipples.

Finally, after twenty minutes of oral joy, she exploded like a firecracker. Her juices soaked my face. "In me!" she moaned, as he guided my still hard dick into her cunt while licking her juices off my face. I got to be honest; she was so hot that it only took a couple of minutes of slamming my dick into her before I came. I pulled out just before I spewed. I blew my load all over her black, firm belly. Without hesitation, she scooped it up with her fingers and licked them clean.

Later, she went to her room and I slept silently.

I was wake up by Sarmista at 4:30 am. She slided in my bed and started playing with me. I had no energy and intension for sex, my dick was low and lazy, hanging little to left. I told her I was tired and couldn't do it. We held each other and slept for 2 hour and then she got up. I slept till 8 and left for my college at 9. After breakfast and lunch I got little energy but my dick was still hurt and refused to get excited at all.

This continued for about 1 month. Unplanned and unannounced Yugti would come in anytime after midnight, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Sarmista would come after 4:30 am. I was playing hard to keep both girls satisfied and I was rapidly loosing weight.

I couldn't say my problem to any one cause almost every Nepali around knew us. My college friends know where I live and with whom. I had to play every night and sometimes twice. I couldn't take it any longer and I was totally drained. Finally, I went to see a Doctor about weight loss and sexual problem. Doctor asked me to move out or at least live with friends few nights a week.

I thought that was good advice. To skip home first time, I called home when every one was in and told Yug. He laughed and said, "Little buddy, seems like you got yourself a girl friend". I told him no, just with friends, hanging out. He said, he understood and it's cool. But damage was done. Yugti called me with in 5 minutes and demanded to know where I was, with which friend and told me she would call me before midnight to make sure I wasn't cheating on her.

Minutes later, Sarmista called me and asked where was I, why I wasn't coming home. I knew just then, it will be impossible to break free from these two beautiful sex predators without bringing both of them face to face. If I hide it any longer I will die of STD or of exhaustion and fatigue.

Next day I came home late night and went to bed saying I was sick. Sarmista acting like my cousin came with medicine and checked my temperature. Yugti came with dinner and made me eat through her hands. Both girls looked concern and both sat next to me. Yug was standing in the door looking confused but concerned.

Yug said, "All night Sarmista was concern about you, I heard Yugti calling you around 11:30. These girls love you so much, you will be damned if you hurt them or leave them." He was quite for a minute then said, "Don't leave home at night. Every night someone is hurt in city. You can't control your anger. You fight one man, ten men fight you. You can't win. Better be safe than sorry."

I lied down hoping to get some sound sleep. Luckily no one came that night and I slept well. I slept well for next two days. I was acting to be sick and I was getting away with it. But I couldn't be sick everyday and when Yugti gets itchy wet pussy dick or carrot doesn't make much difference and that night we ran out of carrot. She came into my room and slided in. I was full of energy and I handled her well. We had long hard sex then she went to her room and I slept well fully satisfied.

At about 4:30 am Sarmista came into my room. I was shocked. I asked what day it is and she said, "Yug was asked to work extra, so he is gone and I'm here." I said, "Oh! Great. I hugged her and tried to fuck her."

Again, my over time started and I couldn't choose one of two. I didn't saw any future with Sarmista and Sarmista wouldn't let me be with Yugti. I thought of an idea. I evaluated all pros and cons and finally decided to execute it. Wednesday, all day I was at college and at work in the evening.

I came home and after dinner I went to bed, I was so weak I had to ask others to kill the fly sitting on my nose. As I suspected, Yugti came after midnight, 12:37 am to be precise. I told her I was lonely and I would love to sleep with her. I didn't fuck her but made her sleep with me.

We were both asleep naked, full body touch under one blanket. At 4:30 am, Sarmista came in. I was ready for her. As she entered, removed my part of blanket and asked her to come naked. Sarmista stripped down and joined me in bed. She jumped over me and started kissing me. I sucked her boobs and she lied next to me. On doing so, she kicked Yugti and awakes her. Yugti removed her blanket and saw Sarmista Naked and screamed, "Bhauju?". Sarmista saw Yugti Naked and screamed, "Yugti?"I saw them both girls naked at same time in one bed and smiled.

Both of them were shocked. Yugti must be hurt, I think, because she thought Sarmista and I were Cousins. "How long you been playing with us?" Yugti asked both of us.

"Since I arrived" was my short and sweet answer. Sarmista was totally devastated. Yugti looked at Sarmista. "All three of us are under same blanket. I am guilty of both of you. I seduced Sarmista and Yugti, you seduced me. I can't play with both of you and I couldn't leave any of you just like that. So I had to come face to face. Don't ruin your life for me. Forgive Sarmista and she will forgive you. None of you were virgin before me and there is no need for any drama, she really loves your brother and that's all you need to know. Now you two can ruin your life because I fucked both of you or both of you can get over me and build your life. Anyways, I'm outta here." I got out of bed, I had to pee and my dick was hard on, erected. Both girls looked at it and smiled. When I got back, my room was empty.

Next day I moved out!